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Electrician Insurance: What You Need To Know

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As the owner of a business that employs electricians, you literally hold the power that everyone else relies on to get their jobs done. Because of electricians, we are able to run our computers, sit in comfortable homes, and enjoy all of the comforts afforded us due to electricity. Between making sure that the power stays on, old lines are maintained, confirming heating or air are functioning, and the other headaches that come from owning your own business, you have a lot to worry about. You run a business that is one of the most dangerous in the country. Being covered by insurance for electricians can help to ease some of the stress associated with the risks unique to your business.

What is electrical contractors insurance?

In addition to dealing with the everyday dangers that being an electrician can bring, we understand that you have worked very hard to build your business and have a lot of personal risk involved. Electrician contractor insurance acts as an extra layer of protection, to guarantee that should an employee sustain an injury, personal property be damaged, or your business be held liable for mistakes on a job site, you will have the finances to cover any obligation. Insurance for electrical contractors will have at least three different components, including:

General Liability Insurance: Carrying general liability insurance as a part of your electrician insurance will help to protect your business in the event that you find yourself in a lawsuit due to an accident. General liability will protect you from the financial responsibilities involved in such a situation.

Business Owners Policy: Those in need of electrical contractors insurance may need a business owners policy as well. Broader than general liability insurance, it will protect you from things like identity theft, loss of income, or property damage among others.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Should an employee sustain an injury while on the job, you will be financially responsible for his care, and potentially any loss of income that he will have while recuperating. Medical expenses can be very costly, and in a field where employees are facing substantial risk on a daily basis, workers compensation is a must.

We understand that every electrical business is unique, and so are their electrician liability insurance needs. When you need to figure out what kind of insurance for electrical contractors is right for you, we would love to help.

Who needs electrical liability insurance?

While the laws regarding coverage will vary from state to state, it is generally safe to assume that any business who employs or contracts out electricians should be covered by some form of insurance for electricians.

At a glance, you will need liability insurance for electricians if you or anyone in your company:

-Electrical contracting
-Electrical repair
-HVAC installation and repair
-Heater contracting
-Lighting technicians or consultants
-Air conditioning contracting

Why choose our agency for your electrician liability insurance?

When you choose our company for your liability insurance for electricians, you are choosing a company that cares about ensuring the insurance plan you end up with is the best match for you. We understand how much time, effort and money you have tied up into your business, and know how important it is for you to protect it.

As an independently owned and operated company, we do not represent one particular insurance provider. Instead, we are able to work with several top-rated insurance providers in order to find the company who most closely protects your interests.

If you have ever called around to request electrician insurance quotes, you have realized that the cost of insurance coverage can vary drastically between companies. By working with several companies, we are able to shop the competition, and encourage companies to compete for your business. Our working relationships with various companies will ensure that you get your coverage quickly and efficiently.

Working with our company will also save you time and allow you to get back to the important task of running your business. Instead of explaining your situation and needs to several different companies, fielding their calls and questions, and trying to keep track of who said what, tell us what you need. We will do all of the calling, and get back to you when we have a solution. You are busy, and this is what we are here for.

How do I get liability insurance for electricians?

If you have determined that electrical liability insurance is right for you and your employees, getting your electrician insurance quotes started is as simple as logging on to our website and requesting a quote. You are also able to call us and talk to a friendly representative, or stop by and talk to us today! We look forward to helping protect your business with the electrical contractors insurance that is right for you.

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