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Insurance companies use a variety of factors to determine the costs of contractors insurance.  These factors include, but are not limited to, the type of policy and amounts of coverage, the size of your business, amount of experience, type of work performed, number of employees, geographical location and more. 

Costs can vary but contractors insurance can start at as low as $49 per month and run upwards of $200 per month.  The best way to determine your specific contractors insurance costs is to contact us at (800) 770-3314 for a quick quote.

Contractors insurance is a broad range of policy coverage that is designed to to protect a contractor from a number of different risks that may lead to financial loss. 

Depending on the type of policy, contractors insurance is a contract between an individual or a business.  In the event of a covered loss, the contractor’s insurance carrier pays for the financial loss incurred up to the limits of coverage on the policy.

There is no easy solution for contractors insurance.  Unlike some other types of commercial insurance, no two contractors or businesses are alike so there’s not a one size fits all policy.  

That is why it is important to compare multiple contractors insurance quotes for the most affordable policy designed specifically for you.  Our agency does that time consuming and complicated task for you.  Contact us now for a free contractors insurance quote: (800) 770-3314

Contractors insurance is an insurance package designed for all different types of contractors.  It typically consists of general liability insurance coverage, but can also include coverage for your property and tools, commercial autos and trucks, workers compensation and even umbrella insurance.

Depending on the type of contractors insurance package you select, each specific type of insurance provides coverage for different risks.  A commercial general liability policy only provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage caused by the contractors’ operations, products or injury that occurs on the premises.

Contractors commercial auto, on the other hand, provides auto liability coverage for business-use cars, SUVs, vans or trucks.

Contractors equipment insurance covers equipment and tools used by contractors to complete a job or project.  This form of insurance covers damage or loss to mobile machinery and equipment that is commonly used in the construction industry.

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