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Drywall Contractors Insurance:
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Drywall Insurance

Drywall contractors are specialists in the construction industry that work exclusively with drywall, which is the material that obscures the things that make a house functional (like the wires, plumbing and electronics) from view. This is an extremely important job with many different functions including planning, installation, substitution and repair of drywall. However, it’s also a job that carries with it a number of unique risks. That’s why it’s so important for drywall specialists to have their own drywall insurance policy that exists in a separate space from that of a general contractor policy.

Drywall contractor insurance is not one single policy; rather, it is made up of several different constituent pieces that combine to cover most liabilities that drywall specialists face on a day-to-day basis. First and most important, there’s general liability insurance, which contains premises, product and completed operations liability. This can cover injuries and property damage, and is meant to protect you, your workers, your clients, the space you’re operating in and your work itself. 

Another common addition to the policy is commercial auto coverage, which covers you if you’re involved in an accident in a company car or even a personal car on company business. A Business Owners Property policy is similarly often added to a drywall specialist’s general commercial liability package. This type of coverage allows you to protect yourself against what you deem to be the most significant risks that you have to face. Here is where several smaller coverage areas come into play: if you are worried about misuse or theft of electronic data, you can protect yourself against that, whereas if you’re more worried about physical theft and employee dishonesty, you can make sure that your policy leans toward that. 

As with any form of manual labor-informed policy, having viable workers compensation coverage is essential for any drywall contractor business insurance policy. Any work-related injuries and medical bills will be covered by this policy, including any falls off of high ladders and unpleasant encounters with misplaced nails. Even the best drywall operators need all the insurance help they can get!

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