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Masonry Insurance: What You Need To Know

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Masonry Insurance
Masonry can be challenging and dangerous work. Masons are often working in difficult conditions with heavy materials like marble, brick, stucco or granite. They may be working outside in the elements while creating a patio or garden veranda, or on a job site far from their main place of business. That’s why when you’re setting up your masonry business, it’s crucial that you purchase the correct masonry insurance for your needs. A workers compensation or liability claim can quickly leave you penniless or bogged down in a never-ending court battle, so it’s important to know the constituent pieces of a responsible mason insurance policy.

The most important section of any masonry contractors insurance policy is the liability coverage. Many clients will require that masons have liability insurance before they are hired, and some states even require that masonry businesses purchase liability coverage before they begin their operations. Commercial general liability (CGL) coverage will be the main part of this liability insurance — it will cover any property damage or bodily injury caused by your business’s work. 

However, there are many subcategories of liability insurance that you might find helpful for your business insurance for masonry contractors. These include commercial auto, which will protect your business in the event of a car accident that occurred during a job or using a company car, and employment practices coverage, which protects you from lawsuits brought against you that allege damages from unfair employment practices such as discrimination or unfair hiring.

All masonry insurance quotes should also include a provision for workers compensation coverage. As we mentioned earlier, masonry is dangerous work: employees or subcontractors could throw out their backs lifting stones, injure their hands or fingers using heavy equipment, or fall during project installations. Workers compensation coverage ensures that your business will be able to pay an injured employee’s medical bills and reimburse them for any lost wages. When you’re wringing your hands and asking how much does masonry insurance cost again, it’s always best to remember what can go wrong if you’re not properly covered for every eventuality.

When you’re looking for insurance quotes for masons, it’s best to talk to an insurance provider who really understand your specific industry and company. To request a quote from us today, please visit our website or call us directly today. Being a mason isn’t like being an accountant or a marketing consultant — real risks require real insurance solutions.
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