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Remodeling Contractors Insurance:
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Remodeling Insurance
People who are taking on a home remodeling project know that they’re in for a hefty financial investment. For some of them, it might be the most expensive outlay of their lives, save for actually buying the house that they’re putting work into. Unfortunately, what many people do not understand is that a typical homeowners policy is not sufficient to cover many of the prats and pitfalls that can accompany remodeling projects. Remodeling insurance, also known as insurance for remodeling companies, can help fill in some of the most glaring financial and legal coverage gaps that a remodeling company might face over the course of a particular project.

The most common accidents that can occur during a remodeling project are instances of bodily injury or of property damage. Liability insurance for remodelers allows companies to protect themselves in the event that a worker is injured while installing an electrical system, or an existing home structure is damaged while putting in a new roof. This liability insurance does have a maximum amount that can be reached for each individual worker, although some packages do also include maximum aggregate amounts that ignore how many people are being paid out to in favor of the total financial amount.

Insurance for remodelers really comes in handy when a remodeling company is taken to court, either by a current client, a former client or a competitor. Most policies include products and completed operations coverage, which protects companies from legal action taken by former clients who feel that current property damage is a direct consequence of past work. They may also include advertising injury coverage, which is a little known area of coverage that can be triggered if a competitor takes legal action in response to a perceived or actual harmful statement. Remodeling contractor insurance is designed to cover all of these disparate risks, and make sure that builders can focus on the task at hand without being distracted by the extraneous risks surrounding the project. 

If you’re looking to purchase remodeling contractor liability insurance, it’s important to tailor your coverage to the unique qualities of your firm and your project. Make sure to visit our website to request an insurance quote, and speak with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents to determine exactly what type of coverage you’ll require. Insurance for remodeling contractors should never be overlooked — we’ll make sure that it isn’t when you contact us!
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