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Janitorial Insurance: What You Need To Know

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What is Janitorial Insurance?

Janitorial insurance is a protective measure for anyone who owns any form of cleaning service or business. Lawsuits, or claims made against cleaning companies are not uncommon. The nature of the service puts your employees directly inside an individuals home or place of employment. Accidents happen, and whether property is damaged, people are injured, or property is stolen, it is important for you as a business owner to protect your company and your employees by investing in janitorial insurance programs.

Who needs janitorial business insurance?

As a business owner, you have taken on the many stresses that come along with owning cleaning business. You care about your employees and their well being, and also the financial security of your livelihood. Cleaning companies are faced with their own unique set of risks, and the consequences of some of the risks can be catastrophic. Being sued for property damage could be devastating to a company not backed up by janitor insurance. Luckily, business owners can purchase insurance policies that lessen the effects of being sued, or who need to replace or fix property damage.

Anyone who owns a cleaning service would benefit from commercial cleaning insurance. A recent survey found that cleaning companies are responsible for the care of an average of 1,291,858 square feet of space each. That is a lot of square feet, and a lot of potential for accidents. Cleaning business insurance does look very similar to the insurance necessary for any business, but a few specific risks set it apart.

– The property at which your employees are working does not belong to you, but to your clients
-There is a potential for property damage. Things can get knocked over, scratched, or otherwise ruined. While certainly never intentional, you are held liable for damaged property
-Being in a client’s home and surrounded by his possessions means their is a potential for theft. An employee who steals from your client will be held liable for the crime, but you as the employer are held liable for any monetary loss due to the crime.

A specialized plan for cleaners insurance will cover you and your employees in the event of theft or property damage.

What kinds of things do I need my cleaning company insurance to cover?

A well rounded insurance for a cleaning company will include most, if not all of the following:
-Coverage for your business property, should you own your own location.
-A general liability, to ensure coverage should yourself or employees be injured.
-Coverage for any vehicles that may sustain or cause damage.
-A worker’s compensation program should your employees be injured on the job
-Umbrella liability insurance
-Employee fidelity coverage, to cover the possibility that an employee may steal from a client or even from you personally.
-Employee benefits such as health, life, and retirement.

The cleaning insurance specifics required will vary from company to company. Allow us to work with you to create a cleaning company insurance program that will work for your company and employees.

Important considerations for janitorial business insurance

When you are looking over your options for insurance for a janitorial business, it is important to understand the term “general liability exclusions”. Basically, the exclusion says that your insurer is not responsible for any damage that occurs to someone’s personal property while in your care. When you are cleaning someone’s house, someones property is always in your care. Put simply, this exclusion exists because your insurer is assuming that you and your employees know how to do their job, and are not responsible for guaranteeing the quality.

Covered – An employee accidentally spills bleach on carpet, ruining it, while intending to clean a toilet.

Not covered – In the process of cleaning a carpet, an employee ruins it.

Covered – An employee drops an item onto a granite sink, causing it to become chipped.

Not covered- An employee cleans a granite sink with a cleaner that eats the protective sealant, causing damage to the sink.

Essentially, if the damage caused was something you had control over (In the second example, as a cleaner you should know the appropriate use for all cleaning supplies) your insurance company will not cover the expenses. For further explanation of how this clause in your cleaners insurance works, talk to us today.

How do I get insurance for my cleaning business?

If you have determined that insurance for your cleaning business is a good idea, contact us today to set up a time for finding the commercial cleaning insurance that fits your needs. We will do the hard work for you, allowing you to continue running your business. There are several considerations to be made when deciding which insurance for a janitorial business works best for you, such as size of your company, where you are located, how many people you employ, and the services offered by your company. Instead of sifting through the many complex options for insurance for your cleaning company, allow us to develop a plan for janitor insurance for you.

Why choose us for your Janitorial liability insurance?

As an independently owned insurance company, we are able to focus on finding the cleaning business insurance that fits your needs, instead of trying to fit you into the best interests of one particular insurance company. By shopping around, we are able to work with several top-rated insurance companies, and allow competition for your business to ensure you end up with a cleaning insurance that is right for you and your budget. The cost of insurance for janitorial businesses can vary greatly from company to company. Allow us to work with the insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring you are getting the best coverage for the best price. We will have you back to the important work of running your business as quickly as possible, armed with janitorial liability insurance that will give you, your employees, and your finances peace of mind.

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