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Painting Insurance: What You Need To Know

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Painters Insurance
If you’re a professional painter, you know the wide range of things that can go wrong over the course of a job. Maybe one of your workers falls off of a ladder while reaching for the top of an exterior arch, or spills red paint on a client’s white shag carpet. Perhaps something goes awry on your way to a client’s apartment and you get into a car accident, damaging your axle and destroying all of the supplies and tools in the back seat. There are lots of issues that can befall any commercial painting company, which is why no painter should feel secure without painting contractor insurance. 

Although liability insurance for painters is undoubtedly important, it is not commonly sold as an all-inclusive package. Rather, there are several different policies that are bundled together to create the perfect insurance for painters who want to cover their tracks in every necessary way. The most important policy that painters need to acquire is a commercial general liability policy. This covers bodily injury, property damage and any legal costs that might arise out of those two situations. Some states actually require that painters have this type of policy before they begin operations, but it’s a great idea regardless of whether or not it’s required by law. 

Painting business insurance also typically includes commercial auto coverage and surety bond coverage. Commercial auto typically covers any vehicle damage or medical bills that are triggered by an automobile accident that occurs either in a work vehicle or in a personal vehicle used for work purposes. For painters, this is typically a van or pickup truck outfitted to transport gear and workers between job sites. Occasionally commercial insurance for painters also includes inland marine coverage as a supplement to commercial auto. This is because commercial auto only covers injury and damage to the auto itself, and tools and equipment must be covered by the supplementary insurance. Surety bonds are simply a promise to a client that you and your team will perform a job ethically and to the best of your abilities — an easy thing to promise if you’re a great painter!

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